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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Short-ish Update

Hey y'all! Sorry I've been so behind in my blogging. I have several really good reasons, though! I promise! Here's some of the new stuff that's been goin' on around here:

1. I got a job.

I am now a proud part-time employee at Hobby Lobby! http://www.hobbylobby.com/ It's wonderful and I love the people I work with. :-) I've already discovered that two of my co-workers are Latter-Day Saints (they prefer not to be called "Mormons" because of certain extremists who claimed to be Mormon and gave the rest of them a bad name) and one other co-worker is a Catholic! So pray for me as I enter the new field of witnessing in the work area!

2. I got a moped.

A friend who was going into the army was selling his, so I bought it from him! The moped is a beaut. I've named it "Fyodor" in honor of Fyodor Dostoevsky, the great Russian novelist. *grins*

3. I've been stuffing down the math.

I have to finish a math subject (always also a painful subject) before July hits. Otherwise, I won't get a grade back for it in time for the receiving of my driver's license and, accordingly, a good student discount on my car insurance. So yea. That's definitely some good incentive goin' on there.

4. I've been hanging out with people.

Several of my friends from high school have graduated (and did I mention that I graduated too??) and planning to move far, far away for college this fall! So I have been running around merrily and frantically, connecting with someone here, stopping by to catch up with someone there and generally milking time for all it's worth.

5. I graduated.


6. I lost a little motivation to blog.

It's true. *sighs* I can't blame my busy-ness for everything. I lost a lot of the will to carry on blogging the last few weeks. Sometimes I felt like I wasn't getting much feedback, or that, at the worst, my blog was only read by two or three people. While both of these scenarios are probably the case, I've decided not to give up on it. After a chat with a really good friend about something else, I came to the conclusion that God can still use my ramblings to encourage people, even if I can't see any results. And even though my blogging is only read by one person and it touches them somehow, that would be enough for me.

God bless, y'all!

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