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Father, husband and currently in-between jobs. Just relocated to Michigan from Nebraska and am on the hunt for work! These are my musings about life so far and what I've done.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Meaning Of Life...

I've been thinking about something lately. Why do humans place such a high importance on their existence? I remember reading the lyrics to a song by Moby. (not an artist I particularly listen to, btw) The song took an interesting look at hotel rooms. We go to a hotel with expectations of cleanliness and order. We act like we're always the first people staying in that room; if we see any remnants of the former occupants, we complain. But why? We live in a world of people. Everyday, our lives overlap those of others. We all share the same existence.

Why do we think this life is so important then? Existence is in a constant struggle to define itself. We fight for our dues in life as though we need some compensation just for breathing the same air that everybody else breathes. The world is telling itself that existence is pointless and we all have to find our own meaning. But what if, somehow, one thing holds more meaning than another? What if what you're doing now holds more meaning that what you were doing 10 minutes ago? How do you find meaning from what you do? Happiness is capricious, expendable and empty. That one thing that brought you happiness 10 minutes ago obviously does not bring you as much happiness now, since you're currently doing something else. Everything depreciates. However, we always excuse ourselves, push back our chairs and get up to look for another distraction. Happiness has an abysmal appetite and is never satisfied. In itself, it is not misleading, but it is if it becomes our criteria for finding meaning in life. Would you expend all your time and resources building a house at the bottom of mountain that was known to have disasterous avalanches?

Are we bound to this fate then? What do we have in this world to find meaning from if everything depreciates and happiness afords no sure contentment? We must look beyond this world. Men have sought after religion for thousands of years to attain purpose. But that is not enough. They are still attempting to create their own meaning through religious duties and empty works of Godliness. They need something that tells them the meaning of life and gives them a solid purpose for existence. At the Fall of Man, in the beginning of the world, we lost fellowship with God. Sin had complete reign in our mortal bodies and we were left with a longing for what was gone. God gave us a way to regain what we lost. But it was solely on His conditions. It had to be. He gave us His Son as the Savior for our sins on the cross. Jesus was the only way that we could find purpose and meaning again. His death restored the missing fellowship between us and God. All we are called to do, is turn away from our own feeble attempts to find meaning from this existence on our own and rest completely in Jesus to fulfill our need. We have to measure things in this world by eternity. Are you making an impact on someone for Christ? Do you think about God's meaning for your life? People live and people die. What are you doing to make a difference that will last?

~Grace and peace be with you~

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Letter of Intent

Once you read this... I'll be gone. Lol, just kidding. No, it's not like that. I'll probably be in the kitchen, snacking out of the refrigerator as I usually am. *grins*

So anyways, for those that don't know me very well, I'm Curtis. I'm very upbeat and happy most of the time. I love making people laugh and encouraging others. There's also a serious side to me. I like thinking about life and digging into issues. I have the pleasure of being related to several people. They are my spiritual family and I haven't even met a lot of them. But you know what? That's ok, because I will meet them all one day in Heaven. This blog is yet another place that I will use to connect with friends and, hopefully, new people.

Give me a shout if you know me. If you don't know me, feel free to leave a comment anyways! I'd love to get to know you!

Grace and peace be with you